Parc et clos

Parc et clos is my neighbourhood committee. Their goal is to create solidarity and cohesion in the area, by organizing leisurely activities, sports classes and social events.

As the people leading the association changed, they also wanted to give it a new “vibe” and hence looked for a new logo, which I was more than happy to work on for them. In order to better communicate over their activities, it also became increasingly important to create a website.  

logo design

The committee is called “Parc et Clos” as a référence to the main streets composing the neighbourhood and cul de sac (clos). Here are the main elements I wanted to put forward: 

  • the nature, here represented by leaves: most of the street names in the neighbourhood refer to trees, the whole area is really green, and it’s also a priority for the locals
  • the paths that compose the cul de sac, the streets that bring us together
  • the initials, P and C, to make it stand out and recognisable
Here is a breakdown of how those different elements are combined in this one logo: 


  • Simple palette: just a vibrant green to match the nature side but also the “revival” of the committee and its very active vision!
  • A simple yet modern logo paired with a similar font. 
  • The whole proposition needed to be straightforward to use. 


  • The main purpose of the website was to gather all the information about the association and communicate easily all their activities. 
  • I took on the design, content structure and copy and event some content creation (photos, animation, etc.). 
  • You can take a look at the website and learn more about the committee here