O-BOY / LifeLine

LifeLine is a Belgian start-up founded in 2018. Its mission is to bring a safety solution to adventurers and extreme sport enthusiasts through a portable device: the O-BOY watch. Relying on satellite for its communication, it’s not only completely autonomous (you don’t need pairing it to a phone to make it work) but can actually get a signal where your phone wouldn’t, thanks it its patented satellite technology! Pretty cool, no?

I started collaborating with LifeLine’s team in April 2021. Their logomark was already defined, but it was important to create a strong and coherent brand identity.


  • The color palette chosen included a dynamic yet reassuring blue, also reminder of water and the sky, two important elements when it comes to extreme sports. The red, sampled from the actual watch, adds a touch of excitement and risk.
  • The icons were designed with simplicity in mind. To the image of the product, they are streamlined, clear and solid.

graphic design

  • The style guide was consolidated and applied on business cards (printed on translucent plastic for a cool effect and to make them more durable) and other visuals
  • I consulted on the app design and made sure it followed the brand’s guidelines

other stuff I did for O-BOY

  • Strategy and global communications (CM role)
  • Website design, copy and creation
  • Kickstarter campaign
  • Social media visuals
  • Brochures and support materials
  • Presentation decks
  • Merch production
  • Short video animations and coordination with video crew on bigger projets