L'Inattendue Compagnie

L’Inattendue Compagnie is a theatre crew. I met them in January 2023, while they were finalizing their latest play and were looking to apply for residences and festivals.

They were in need of a stronger visual identity and I offered to help them out.

We started with the logo, in the form of a logotype, punctuated with some extra marks.

logo design

Here are some elements at the core of the crew’s identity and projets that drove¬†strategic¬†choices behind the logo design:¬†

  • creating plays about unexpected / surprising topics
  • bringing to light “darker” issues such as mental health, loss and grieving
  • they are socially engaged and strive to make an impact, bring some hope


  • The palette was composed by sober colors to express the seriousness of the themes, with a spot of red to symbolize hope
  • visual elements included the punctuation marks extracted from the logotype as well as “spots” of color

other stuff done for L’Inattendue Compagnie:

  • Layout and production of applications for festivals / projects.